Moovy is a new round in the development of mobile move-to-earn applications with Game-Fi elements.

The main mechanics of the project are formed around our daily and routine activity — moving by car. It doesn’t matter if you are standing in a traffic jam on a busy highway or driving a taxi, Moovy allows you to get profit from it.

Our team has new vision of the familiar concept of move-to-earn applications and offers unique vision — drive-to-earn, which will make a routine activity not only interesting but profitable.

NFT for Everyone

The Moovy app is incredibly easy to use. A user who has not played mobile projects before and has not used the extensive capabilities of the blockchain will be able to use the app with ease.

You don’t need to search for AR-items using your smartphone camera or run long marathons to earn in-game currency to buy, create or improve vehicles.

Moovy has two game modes: Solo Ride and Explorer.

Under the Hood

The Moovy team also aims to create a community that will unite people who share an interest in cars and their modifications.

Users have a car belonging to one of four vehicles classes: A, B, C, and D. Each class includes several sub-types. For example, hatchbacks, sedans, and estates belong to Class A.

Also, Moovy NFT-cars are divided by rarity levels: Classic, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Insane. Each of classes give additional bonuses to the characteristics of vehicles. The value of these characteristics (Consumption, Mileage, Tank Capacity, Respect, Service, Level, and …) affects the number of received tokens and NFT minting.

A garage system is provided for the storage and use of vehicles in Moovy. They differ in capacity (from 3 to 15 slots) and the level of rarity, which gives bonuses to the Respect of the car, additional roulette spins and lottery tickets.

Each of the purchased NFT-cars allows you to monetize driving in real life. You can travel behind the wheel of a car or go to work, and the in-game cars will bring you profit.

The main task of the player is to use the Moovy toolkit and a combination of characteristics to assemble a car that is better suited for certain purposes and will allow you to receive more tokens.

Simple Economy

The Moovy game universe is built on an internal live economy using $BBT and $MGAS tokens.

$MGAS is a in-game token that is used to reward users for activity, as a commission for conducting a transaction, for partial payment of the NFT-vehicles mint and further upgrades, as well as for the purchase of new garages and warehouses.

$BBToken — is a main token of the Moovy and BBSoft ecosystem that will allow the user to pay for the mint of NFT-vehicles, upgrade them, increase its level and open boxes with in-game items, and …

All token transactions take place on our marketplace, where users can buy and sell their NFT vehicles, tuning parts, garages — all in a convenient application.

This is a small part of the Moovy Universe. In the next articles, we will talk about the advantages of blockchain-based games, give details about the Moovy trading system, and discuss future mechanics.

Follow us to get updated so as not to miss the news of the project.

To the Moovy !



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Drive2earn web3 application. We are making driving routine profitable. To the Moovy!